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Declaraciónes de Bimba 1936-13/03 Diário da Bahía

RECORTE LIBRO: Página 134 Contests in the ring, he suggested, should follow the rules established by Burlamaqui in 1928." This last assertion is important because it proves that ...

This article appeared in the newspaper Diário da Bahia on March 13, 1936. It was reprinted in Mestre Damião's article "The True History of the Creation of Bimba's Luta Regional Bahiana." Translation into English by Shayna McHugh .
Bimba Refutes Samuel de Souza’s Allegations and Prepares to Fight for the Coveted Belt
The well-known Bahian capoeirista Manoel dos Reis Machado, commonly known as Bimba, was in our offices yesterday. He spoke about the current activity of that branch of martial arts which is a genuinely national style, since it differs much from capoeira d’Angola. The famous champion talked about a rumor regarding Mr. Samuel de Souza. About the published topics, Bimba said:
"I didn't embrace the title of champion as though it were my property. However, I think it belongs to me more than to my sporting companion, Maré, since I challenged all the capoeiristas of this state through the newspapers and only the worthy adversary Henrique Bahia (who I defeated in front of a large audience) entered the ring. Maré, as winner of the maximum title, should have shown up at that time, and not now, afterwards."
"But the following remains to be clarified: Capoeira d’Angola can only serve for rhythmic demonstrations and not for a fight in which strength will characterize the violence, and agility will determine the Victory. To the sound of the berimbau and pandeiro, the strengths of two capoeiristas competing for a champion’s belt cannot be measured, and this can be seen in more advanced centers, where capoeira takes on a performance aspect. The police will regulate these capoeira demonstrations according to the manual of Annibal Burlamaqui (Zuma), published in 1928 in Rio de Janeiro."
"If my future adversary intends to demonstrate his abilities to the sound of the berimbau and pandeiro, I am here, ready to show that my knowledge is not limited to just playing around. The 'match' of capoeira d’Angola between Henrique Bahia and Américo 'Suissa' is still in the public eye; the people and the press were unanimous in condemning that joke of a match. The Bahian title can really only be disputed in a different way, and this is why I return to challenge the proclaimed champion Maré."
"Regarding Mr. Samuel de Souza, it is completely up to him to arrange a fight or a demonstration, so that the people who know us so well are not deceived."
Before leaving our offices, Bimba introduced to us one of his students, Manoel Rozendo de Sant’Anna, who took the opportunity to publicly launch a challenge to Mr. Samuel Souza for a fight according to the rules outlined by the Odeon Park management.


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